Things to Remember

I thought about getting those cool crayons that can write on mirrors. But I’ve been too lazy to order them. So for now, I will write this stuff on my blog. These are my own tidbits to remember, when I’m feeling particularly uncomfortable, down or confused. Like my rules of thumb. I guess everyone should have their own!

Fear nothing other than God. 

Fewf. I thought I had to fear just about everything, including my own self!

Stay. Stay the course.

Staying is so hard. so hard. so hard. For me. But I think it can be more rewarding than leaving. 

Sitting with a craving can be much sweeter than giving into the craving. Meditate on it. What is it that I need and want?

Yes, chocolate and ice cream are sweet. But a lot of times, when I’m craving them, I might actually be craving something else. Like some emotional fulfillment. Trying to identify that can be fun. (If you’re the sort of person who thinks learning about yourself is fun–I do!)


What are your thoughts?

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