Be Kind, For Everyone You Meet is Fighting a Great Battle

Please bear with me as a battle within myself about whether to share thoughts on this blog quickly, or wait until I have time to flesh them out fully, polished and eloquent. I want to experiment with not waiting for perfection. 

Today is the 17th anniversary of my mom’s death. Not according to the Jewish calendar by to the  gregorian calendar. I don’t know what I am thinking about her, or if I even have the time to pause and think about her, but she is there, in my heart, my mind and my tears. 

Alex and I were talking about spirit on the beach last week. What is spirit? What happens to the spirit after we die? Do I believe in reincarnation? Heaven? Neither? What? I certainly feel the presence of a life, of a spirit of a human, after they have passed away. 

In the spirit of pondering the spirit, and the wondering about life, and desiring quiet time alone to feel my existence and ground myself, I remember and honor my mother, and also share something that provides me with nourishment every week or couple of weeks.

The radio show On Being, hosted by Krista Tippett (smart, learned, insightful, inspiring) which I listen to online, provides me intellectual nourishment and physical. Like the physical exertion of exercise that leaves me feeling grounded calm and alive, so too does this podcast. But it also leaves me with a sense of wonder, that I often want to ponder, share and discuss. 

This week’s episode interviewed a recently passed surgeon and author. Sherwin Nuland. He discusses the proximity to chaos in life and the proximity to chaos inside the body, that often manages to stay in harmony. He struggled with depression and shares insights about the mind after coming out of it. He was strongly influenced by his Orthodox Jewish background. He quotes Philo, with a quote a love, “be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a great battle.” 

Here is the link to this show:

Enjoy it, if listening to this is your kind of thing. It’s not everybody’s kind of thing. That’s ok, and interesting in and of itself. Have a beautiful day.







What are your thoughts?

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