Chipotle’s Advertising Paints an Image Unprecedented Amongst Fast Food Chains

And they win my heart. ❤

I can’t believe I’m writing this, but I am. I’m mighty impressed by Chipotle. Inspired, even.

Netflix recommended Inside Chipotle when I signed in. Why would anyone want to watch that? I wondered. I have watched the El Bulli documentary, Jiro Dreams of Sushi, Food Inc. and plenty of other food related documentaries. But Chipotle did not interest me. For starters, I never eat there. Maybe I did once. It felt like a dirty indulgence. I don’t even remember what it tasted like.

I’m not a fast food person. Not me, noooo. I know the TRUTH behind those kinds of places. Nuh uhn. Not. For. Moi.

After watching these two youtube videos, and yes, the Netflix 21-minute documentary (worth it, especially for aspiring entrepreneurs and haters on fast food) I can proudly say I want to go eat at Chipotle! I’m serious. You know what else I’m serious about? Advertising works on me. I thought I was above it. Beyond it’s sphere of influence. But not. I will go to Chipotle and enjoy it like I enjoy a meal at a restaurant that would set me back a hundred bucks.

Why? Because it seems Steve Ells cares about ingredients. He spends real dolla dolla bills on it. They hire people who like to cook. They care about their people, their staff. So, in turn, I care about the food. Love begets love. Respect begets respect. I will not just eat each bite, but I will taste each bite. Chipotle, here I come!

And if their advertising is inflated or straight up false (as it has been calmed to be in this remake of the scarecrow video), well I got punked. But just the thought of that saddens me.

I want to believe, oh how I want to believe.  


What are your thoughts?

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