Life’s Miracles!

I’ve witnessed some miracles as of late.

My sister had a baby girl. A beautiful, tiny, precious, fragile, strong little girl. Can you believe that a healthy, perfect human being can come from the body of another? Each of us women have the potential to give birth to one of these…and the men who love us. But that is just the beginning.

I listened to a talk by writer and teacher Marianne Williamson (listen especially to the question at thirteen minutes and 50 seconds, and then Williamson’s response…this was particularly a poignant point for me. I sometimes avoid the news and global events, because what could I possible do about them. Something. I could do something). She said that it is not enough to understand the real purpose and flow of life. To know that it is about more than just advancing our own individual, selfish agendas. We have to do something. Change something in the world. Act.

I listened to a podcast with Eve Ensler, between her and Krista Tippett, my favorite…On Being podcast. Eve wrote the vagina monologues. She has a troubled, very challenging childhood. She was abused. She lost sense of her worth and her body and she regained it overtime. She listened to other women around the world who were violated and lost sense of their own value. She understood that each of our individual lives is precious; but not that precious. We must live, do what we can, be strong. But we are not only fighting all our lives for our own life. What would be the point? There are so many lives out there. There is so much else to live for.

I easily forget this. But in the things I listened to this week by inspirational women such as Eve Ensler and Marianne Williamson, through the birth of my baby niece, so adorably beautiful, and the strength of my sister, and the love of her husband…well, I am just amazed at what is possible. The challenge we each have is in finding our place in the world. Where can we find the passion, strength and energy to make a difference, to work for something beyond our own selves?



What are your thoughts?

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