Noticing What Nourishes

Within a day, I ran, I foraged, I ate a meal composed of food grown a few miles away, organically, at the farm where my boyfriend works.

Within a day, I ate a meal of eggs, squash, beets, onions and garlic, tomatoes and cheese, grown on a farm four miles from where I was, and then I ate a tuna-melt sandwich on white bread, from Cosi.

Within a day, I concocted a meal, with ease, from the products we had at home, and struggled to decide what would best nourish me in the bus station food court.

Within a day, I enjoyed the creativity of cooking and assembling a meal of ingredients of choice, and I looked longingly at the salad bar options at Cosi, wishing they’d allow me to go back there and make my own meal, rather than order an ingredient or two sandwiched between two pieces of bread.

Within a day, I felt nourished by my food, and threatened by it.

Within a day I felt grateful for what the world offers me, for what grows effortlessly, for the concord grapes and the apples I found on the side of the road during my run. I also felt frustrated and disappointed that having an itinerant, busy life means not always getting to control what I put in of my body to feed it.

Today, I closed my eyes and thanked the larger powers for the beauty of the ocean, the clear, crisp skies of fall, the sweetness of a ripe apple, and for love.

Within a day, I notice what nourishes me, and what does not. With what do you feed yourself, physically, spiritually and emotionally? Love, Take Notice.


What are your thoughts?

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