maybe one day

I am not special. I am not perfect.  The world is far from perfect, too. I care about food. In eating well. In making it taste good. In growing it responsibly.So that when we eat that food we are being responsible to ourselves. And good to our bodies.  So that when we eat it we are loving each other. Loving ourselves and proud of our work that made the food appear on our plates.  Maybe, if everyone takes pride in some aspect of life on this planet, one day our existence will be easier.  More harmonious. Filled with life, void of fear. Maybe one day. If not in this lifetime, then for future generations of humans and animals and plants,  life on this earth will be beautiful. With all its pain and suffering, It is still beautiful now.  The waves still flow. The sun still shines. The plants still grow. Love is available.  Maybe one day, we will say we came, we struggled, and now we found harmony.


What are your thoughts?

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