Precious Silence


Fields of Aquinnah, 6.19.2013 Fields of Gold, Sting

Is silence so precious?

Is silence so precious when

I am always in noise?

People think that verbal communication connects us.

But I think silence connects us to ourselves

And then better

to one another.

Silence is how I listen to the birds and the wind and the trees.

Silence is a place where my thoughts are loud

But where, if I sit in it,

My thoughts stop threatening me.

I can laugh, even, at their ephemerality.

Silence is rebirth.

Silence is the conception of creativity.

Sometimes I am scared that you will break my silence.

Though I know I need not feel threatened by you.

Then I sit in silence, and think,

What if you catch me this way?

Silent and quiet,

and you think I’m dead and dumb, or

trying to be that thing called spiritual?

What if you don’t realize this is how I greet myself,

This is how I greet the world I am part of,

And this is how I want to come to greet you, and you me?

Something happens when you hear the wind

Whisper against your eardrums.

And when you hear the sounds of your own breath.

Crisis drops away.

In being, there, silent, there is no crisis.

Not now.

In silence I am not hiding.

But I am hoping

That you will join me tenderly,

From your silence to mine.

And we will love each other

And share.

In silence, I send love to you,

And you are not alone.


What are your thoughts?

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