Oh Unhappy Expression Suppressed. Hello!

Oh unhappy.

Who is your cause?

Oh unhappy.

Who invited you in,

Didn’t they tell you,

It’s not a good time?

Well, It’s not a good time!

Get out! Go away!

I’m busy, got things to do,

Got life to live.

Oh unhappy. Go away.

Oh unhappy.

Oh! Unhappy!

I invited you. Duhhhh.

OK, fine, I give in.

Tell me your woes.

Stay with me a little while,

As long as you need,

that then, heard, you can depart

As quietly as you came.

You stealthy beast, come in.

Tell me your woes.

Oh unhappy, what are your woes?

I wanted you.

I wanted….

I want….

What? Do what I want?

How? But how?

To tell you I love you.

A feeling suppressed.

It’s there and it’s growing and….

Expression suppressed.

Oh unhappy expression suppressed.

You are like a tumor in me.

Oh stay there, come back,

Let me redo that moment.

I want to let it out.

Not lightly

Not quietly.

Big and loud and growing and growling and BIG.

Oh expression of me,

Suppressed as you be, I see you there.

I can run, but you won’t hide.

Damn you there. Let me be.

Stop eating me from the inside.

Come out and make yourself known.

OK. I will let you out.


Ok, totally a rough poem. Writing is the next best to expressing and living fully. Not living fully in my actions, I needed to express something in words. And, well, this is the mangled, semi-unelegant thing. Not as mellifluous as I’d like, but raw. And there it is.

Sometimes it takes a moment to know how I feel. Sometimes I need to step back and wait. But, will you let me? I wonder. Do you have patience? Do I have the patience to wait and see? Sometimes it takes a moment to know what I want. Sometimes a pause is the birth of truth. I’d like to remember that in certain moments when it’s quite easier to run away. There is no perfect.


What are your thoughts?

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