Freedom in a Thought

How different life becomes when you realize, even if temporarily, that you don’t have to do anything. How much more clearly you can see freedom, and how much the burden of any obligation is infinitely lightened. And, oh, how much fun you can have! 

Precious Silence

Precious Silence

Is silence so precious? Is silence so precious when I am always in noise? People think that verbal communication connects us. But I think silence connects us to ourselves And then better to one another. Silence is how I listen to the birds and the wind and the trees. Silence is a place where my … Continue reading

Break Out Rebel

You gotta rebel and fight for perfection even if it comes through the imperfection of your misperceptions Imagine the world perfect even if it means living each moment as you really want it to be. No should or rules or fears of breaking the social norms that keep us all shaking. No fear. How do … Continue reading