Fasting and Feasting

Dear Journal,

I am as interested in food as the lack thereof. Fasting. The mind enters a different state when fasting. When eating only fruits and vegetables for five and a half days during the Metabolic Boot Camp run by Jan Buhrman and John Bagnulo, I felt reflective, I felt light, I felt energized, I felt tired. But I felt good. And I appreciated taste, and lightness, and nuanced flavor. We did not eat much salt. The natural flavors of food were so much more…there. Looking at art when hungry. Fasting and focusing. Bringing a group of people together to not eat, or to eat really, really simply, and think about a certain topic, and nap, and be together, and talk in a focused way and then in an organic way. What would happen? What happens when we are not satiated? What happens when we are not overstuffed? What happens when we allow ourselves fatigue, inaction, contemplation, rest, a meandering, wandering mind….?

I want my life to be a pendulum, swinging to and fro from action of the body to action of the mind, from doing to being, feeling and thinking.




What are your thoughts?

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