Spring is in the air..

I am not skilled enough as a blogger to portray the beauty of my day’s walk through photos. These images should not be lined up vertically, they should be in a collage, because in nature these images are overlapping and intertwining.

I have almost made it through my first winter on Martha’s Vineyard. It is 50 degrees here today. The overcast skies colored the waters of Blackwater Pond with a deep, impenetrable tone of grey-blue. Colors are showing up. The pinks and greens of the plants growing at the water’s edge, and the lichen. The bright green close-up of a plant below is what my friend believes to be Dame’s Rocket. It tastes delicate and floral and sweet…amazing.

This week I feel an energy shift. People are preparing for the busy season. In the restaurant that meant we had more guests than usual. Outdoors that means people are preparing the land to plant trees, or starting to seed in greenhouses. For me it means I am starting to plan my garden, the first I will really plant myself, aside from a small raised bed I did a few years ago and some herb boxes I did for my clients last summer.


list II


empty lot


dame's rocket 

twisty branches


garbanzo beans

Yucca...could this be the same yucca whose roots are edible and make my favorite kind of fries?

Yucca…could this be the same yucca whose roots are edible and make my favorite kind of fries?

Loyalty to Martha’s Vineyard through the winter makes me feel deserving of the spring and summer to come.

2 thoughts on “Spring is in the air..

    • I know! i was thinking about that too…and then how they spilled, and then using the food processors and lugging them to the gallatin common room, and then how chunky the hummus was…but we rocked it girl! miss those funny times!

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