Brownies and Blood Oranges

blood oranges

These look like the sun! Or at least remind me of sunny weather. I guess it is always sunny somewhere.

But certainly not here!

But certainly not here!

Blood oranges are in season. Brownies are always in season. And the combination of brownies, blood oranges, and yogurt or craime fraiche sounded good to me. Rich chocolate, zesty oranges, and tangy spoiled milk (because that’s what yogurt and craime fraiche kind of are, right?).

The recipe in Thomas Keller’s ad hoc at home for brownies looked delicious. The photo makes these brownies look like nuggets of fudge that would melt in your mouth. In the note he says they use a silicone mold at their restaurant so that the edges don’t overcook, and now I know why. I made mini brownies in a financier pan, basically a mini muffin mold, and the edges got chewy and crispy, while the inside was moist and soft.

These brownies are topped with a whipped mixture of mascarpone, yogurt (from the mermaid farm…if only it was thicker I could have used just yogurt, which I would prefer because the mascarpone is too rich to accompany these already loaded brownies) and candied blood orange peel.



The mini sandwich brownie: filled with blood orange marmalade and topped with the yogurt mascarpone mixture. crumbled pistachio nuts around the edges.


What are your thoughts?

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