Slow Food MV Event and My Eventful Kitchen


I am really looking forward to Just Label It!, Slow Food Martha’s Vineyard’s next event that will discuss labeling of foods and why we need it. Especially in light of the debates in several states to enforce labeling of genetically modified foods, and foods that contain genetically modified ingredients. To read about the current state of legislation, and which states are considering it, as well as Walmart’s consideration of labeling all its food products, read this NY Times article . Here is just a clip from it:

“We’re at a point where, this summer, families could be sitting at their tables and wondering whether the salmon and sweet corn they’re about to eat has been genetically modified,” said Trudy Bialic, director of public affairs at PCC Natural Markets in Seattle. “The fish has really accelerated concerns.”

This could be us, sitting on Martha’s Vineyard. In fact, I don’t wonder about it when I am eating corn; I know that there is a good chance my corn on the cob, even if grown on Martha’s Vineyard, comes from genetically modified seed. This is a complex issue, with health concerns, concerns for biodiversity, concerns for the independence of small-scale farming and organic farmers who don’t want to us GM seeds, and environmental concerns. Many countries do require some labeling, 62 at least, according to the article. So clearly then, there are reasons to be concerned about GM foods.

On another note, my kitchen reorganizing is going great. Here I am in a spacious house in Martha’s Vineyard, trying to make my kitchen function more like a small NYC apartment kitchen. Everything is moving closer together, so I don’t have to move far to get the cutting board, the mixing bowl, the olive oil, etc. I am so excited to make cooking here less exhausting!

One of the first things cooked in the newly arranged kitchen, below, inspired by Alice Water’s video that I posted on Facebook. Only, I used a regular stove to cook the eggs, for lack of a wood burning oven in my kitchen.

eggs 2:6

A little salad of julienned lettuce and radishes, avocado, chopped onion, olive oil and salt. Two sunny side up eggs. All piled on top of a piece of warm toast.


Back to work today! The restaurant re-opens tomorrow! I’ll try to keep up with the posts; I’ll miss having the time to cook and rearrange my kitchen all day, but vacation’s over and “real life” beckons. It’s a good thing. 🙂


What are your thoughts?

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