Lunch With A Punch

shishito pepper

lunchBack on the Vineyard today, and the chef I work for gave me some shishito peppers.

Apparently one in r ten are supposed to be hot.

I followed his instructions, and dry roasted them on the stove, then tossed em with olive oil and sea salt.

I was so hungry and tired,  from a restless sleep last night. Not a winning combination. When I am afflicted by those two feelings at the same time, I tend to eat FAST. So I can’t really tell you how delicious these were because my first bite was a hot one, and I think that the spice just stayed with me as I ate the others. I’ll make some more tomorrow, and weigh in on it.

Love the simplicity of the dish though. I first saw them on a menu recently, actually, at Ippudo in NYC, the famous ramen place.

Good to be back on the Vineyard, settling into life here with a fire and a glass of wine.

Buona notte!



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