And Remember…Use Old Eggs First

bob's kitchen

–@At Bob’s Kitchen in Paris. A trendy, health conscious restaurant where things like green juices, quinoa, brown rice, and lots of roasted veggies are served up to foreigners and health conscious Parisians alike.

I’m pretty sure this sign is supposed to be facing the inside of the kitchen. But as customers, we should be happy to know that, if the staff is doing their job right, we are eating some good ol’ eggs. Haha! (BTW…this is not a criticism of Bob’s Kitchen…every restaurant uses older products first, before the new ones that come in, and it definitely does not mean these products are inferior. It is to prevent them from going bad and then being wasted, but they are not bad yet, or else they would not be served…but usually we call them “first batch” or “use first” items rather than old!)

Speaking of eggs…I had some delicious scrambled eggs this morning. They sat in a jar with black truffles for one week, and so they smelled and tasted of the enigmatic flavors of the truffle! Merci au Chef que les m’a donnés!


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