Tidbits of Wisdom from a Stranger

Little Tidbits

I met a guy last night, eating dinner at a restaurant next to my hotel in Paris. What he said was this:

A person must have big goals in life. Because then, even if s/he does not reach them, at least s/he has gained great experience in the effort to get there. If s/he has only small, mundane goals, and does not reach them, then she has got nothing. 

He also said this:

A person must have long term goals in life, because if s/he doesn’t, s/he will make decisions that might take her nowhere. 

I interpreted this to mean that long term goals help guide your decisions. They are like the bumpers you can put in the gutters of a bowling alley, they help keep you on track, rather than letting you go anywhere at anytime. Life is complicated, there are so many options and choices, something we are lucky to have because we are FREE. But all those choices can be dangerous, too….not all choices are meant to be chosen by each of us. If society does not impose limitations on us, we must impose our own, and having big goals can help us do that. Some people feel limitations based on religion, or economic factors. These two things can set boundaries for an individual, moral boundaries and economic boundaries. But we can also set boundaries by having goals, which may remove some things from our realm of possibility, but allow us to build up, to build depth of knowledge, rather than build outward and go into the gutters of the alley!

Thanks, stranger!


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