Yoga and Trees, Strength and Flexibility

A yoga teacher said yesterday that yoga is about strength and flexibility. You need both, and one without the other doesn’t work. In this way people are like trees. Trees that are too strong and rooted will snap in a strong wind, and trees that are too flexible will uproot. There has to be a balance, a strong root in the ground but flexibility throughout. Sometimes I try to build my life to be too inflexible. I see value in productivity and I take on too much external stuff, to make money and to learn while working. But then life happens, and I don’t have time to deal with it. That can be romance, feelings, family events or incidences, spiritual needs, health needs. With an inflexible schedule in the realm of work and productivity, these other needs build up and come knocking at my door. Their force knocks me over eventually because I have been ignoring their pleas for too long.

Below: The view on my way to yoga. A sleepy Oak Bluffs morning in January.






My recent experiences and influences contributing to these recent thoughts: And Then Life Happens: A Memoir by Auma Obama; Yoga for beginners with Primo Lombardi; I AM written and directed by Tom Shaydac; Today’s Human Kind show on NPR (get an excerpt here).

P.S. I know this article is not linked directly to food. I find it limiting to write only about one subject matter. Sorry for undermining the typical blog prototype dedicated to one topic and one topic only.


What are your thoughts?

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