X Marks The Spot

If the sky was a treasure chest

I’d know where to go

To find the splendid treasure

Hidden from those unaware.

X marks the spot

Way high up in the air

But the treasure is what’s below

And realizing it’s there.

Blessed are we, to live on this island

In all the seasons.

I was warned “it gets sad and lonely,”

In the winter days, when summer is a distant haze.

“It’s your first winter? Oh jeez,”

they’d say, eyes big in mocking disbelief.

But lonely means you don’t like to be alone.

Out there, on the beach, with sky, the waves, the sea,

I didn’t feel so alone, being with just me.

X marks the spot.

Way high up in the air.

To tell me I’m right, in being right here.

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2 thoughts on “X Marks The Spot

    • Thank you so much Sarah! Your complement means so much to me, because you yourself are not only a food enthusiast but also the author of a BEAUTIFUL blog! I look forward to reading yours regularly too. I hope you are well and that I get the chance to see you one of these days! Keep up your blogging, and thanks for reading mine!

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