Fall Escapade

I went to bed early Friday night. The Vineyard was quiet, dark. Summer seemed so fresh in my mind, like it was still happening just a few days ago. But labor day had come and gone nearly two weeks prior. A new calm set in, and I did not regret being without a social plan. I had big plans for the next morning. I was going to take on the island by bike, and I would need my energy and strength. Early morning, I ate my breakfast, drank my coffee, and set out to that island at the other tip of this island. Chappaquiddick island, a world twice removed. Slipaway Farm would warm me up with hot apple cider and an outdoor fire once I arrived, and my eyes would feast on the dazzling foliage, glowing in the warm sun, all the way there.

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On the way home, I stopped at the beach to meet a friend. I ate a reuben sandwich that I had picked up at Murdick’s Fudge, and we nibbled on chocolate peanut butter fudge for dessert. I wasn’t going to bike home. I was tired. We chatted and Michael offered me a Dark and Stormy in a can. I had had this before. I knew it was good. It revived me, and after a good fall beach day, I biked back home, reaching Lambert’s Cove road just as the sun set. I was ready for another cozy fall night, after a good day’s work.


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