Gourmande, or Bon Vivante?

Gourmande, or Bon Vivante?

gourmand, english a person who enjoys eating and often eats too much. A connoisseur of good food. usage: The words gourmand and gourmetoverlap in meaning but are not identical. Both mean ‘a connoisseur of good food,’ but gourmandmore usually means ‘a person who enjoys eating and often overeats.’  gourmet, french Personne qui sait distinguer et … Continue reading

A Good’s Day’s Glean

A Good’s Day’s Glean

Glean. verb. collect gradually and bit by bit.  historical: gather (leftover grain or produce) after a harvest. ~Dictionary I’d like to argue with the definition above. The meaning, in the agricultural sense, is not just historical, but it applies to contemporary agricultural societies as well, like Martha’s Vineyard! Sunday was my first official glean. I … Continue reading

Pumpkin Seed Caramel

Pumpkin Seed Caramel

I had leftover caramel from our caramel apples that were on our menu at the Living Local Festival. I bought pumpkins at morning glory farm. 2 for eating (Sugar Pumkins) and 1 for carving. I roasted the sugar pumpkins, pureed the meat from them, and stored in frozen in pint containers for future baking and … Continue reading