The Break Dancers of Union Square

…There are people who just sit in the park and watch what is going on around them. New York is for watching. It is an energetical centrifuge where vibrations and energies fly about and collide and sometimes haphazardly  harmonize. To compete with those energies only enrages. To blaze through the blast of vibrations further disengages.

Tonight, I experienced a new New York. Tonight, I sat within it. On the steps, alongside strangers, individuals, couples, groups of friends. There were break dancers, messing around, dancing, flirting, playing music.  Freestyle was the name of their game. Life in the un-choreographed. The free style of life to be enjoyed by the free people. Presence is their muse, in order to present their present to us onlookers. Traffic, chatter and movement inspire their moves, as a collage of the snapshots of the moment.

“Same Old New World”

People pass

persons plan

play not, pray not

running, racing, rummaging

in purses for devices and vices,

ever distracted by their important selves.

Pause, people.

Play, people, pray, people.

Please show me

the New York I never knew.

Plan to not plan.

Ex off expectation,

and see the world anew.


What are your thoughts?

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