Don’t Be Crabby On 4th of July

One day I went to the West Tisbury Farmer’s Market. It happened to be the 4th of July. I intended to buy crabs, to eventually turn into crab cakes. I did not intend to walk away from the Farmer’s Market with three bags of live crabs on the 4th of July. But I did. I did not expect to nearly miss the fire works because, after four hours of picking, I still had about 8 more crabs to pick. But I did. It was all well worth it 🙂

As one of the first to arrive at the West Tisbury farmer’s market at 9 o’clock AM, I walked up to the crab vendors, a couple of enthusiastic men with great sales skills. I told them I wanted to buy some crabs–I was making crab cakes. Ah, the chef! the younger guy remembered me from last week. How many would you like? he asked.  I don’t really know, I said. (Big mistake. Never hesitate with good sales people). I am not sure how much meat one crab yields, and I don’t even remember how much meat my recipe calls for. Then they said, Just take 24! We’ll give ’em to you for 20 bucks!

What a deal! 24 crabs for 20 dollars…sounded like a good ratio for me. Well, the next thing I knew, I was walking to my car with no free hands to shop anymore, and stowing away three moving grocery bags. Let’s just say they definitely planned out my fourth of July–I would be picking crab meat ALL DAY. But it was a blast, the family I cook for thought it was a hoot having 24 live crawlers on their kitchen table, and the crab cakes were yummy. I froze half the meat and eventually made crab ravioli with the leftovers. Not bad for twenty bucks.


What are your thoughts?

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